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How to Kickflip
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So you've mastered the ollie? dont know what to do next? Well leard how to KickFlip!!

The kickflip would have to be one of the, if not the most popular trick around right now. Before you even consider learning the kickflip, you should probably ( *cough* definatly )learn how to ollie, since it is the main part of nearly every trick involved with skateboarding.
Stand on your board as if you were about to pop an ollie , but with your front foot's heel hanging off slightly, towards the edge of your board(so only your front part of your foot is on the board).
Start your kickflip as if you were going to ollie but when your front foot reaches your tip then drag it off the side of the board thus causing the board to rotate in the air. Let your legs stay above your board, center your weight and catch it with feet, make sure you land on the wheels. Many people find learning the kickflip to be so frustrating that they eventually give up, but you will get it sooner or later ( JUST KEEP PRACTISING!!).

After mastering the kickflip, it's time to move on to the vairal KickFlip.

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