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How to ollie
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Come on people get off the ground and start to practice

The ollie is a dead easy trick, but it does take a long time to master.

The first step is to place your feet on the skateboard (duh). There are two main stances while skateboarding. If you sk8 with your left foot at the back of the board then your stance is goofy, but if you sk8 with your right foot at the back then your stance is just regular . I kant tell you your stance it is just what ever feels most comfortable for you.

You should have your hind foot on the very tail of the board to the point it is just about to hang off, and your front foot should be less halfway than down the skateboard. When you first try this it may feel at little weird and unbalanced but this come's with the practice.Once you have this down-pact you must croutch down till your knuckels just about touch the ground, bending at the knees (if you really feel the need then spread your hands out for a little more balance).

All an ollie is is bacially just a shift in weight.To start off lean just slightly back and tap the tale so it touches the ground.  Just as soon as you have done this, jump up as high as you can ,while jumping slide your front foot up towards the nose of the skateboard and your back foot just off the tale. All of this is crutial but in order to get your tale off the ground you must push down on your front foot. The higher you jump, the higher your ollie will be. All of these actions shoud flow in a fluint action.

It may sound simple and it is, but only if u have determination and a reasonaberaly good deck. To fully perfect your ollie it sould take you about 6-8 months.

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