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Thing about ppl LOL
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Lol well this is a section i just made to show a-few things about people we all love / hate / whatever!!!!
If you want me to add something then just e-mail me on and write who and what about that person you want me to post !!!!

<DIV><STRONG>Person 1:</STRONG> <U>Andrew,,,</U> The creator of this whole website with no help =( but o well !! He is kewl and Rox *cough* *cough* he thinks he's the shit wid an electric guitar but well you know</DIV>
<DIV><STRONG>Person 2:</STRONG> <U>Trev,,,</U> Trev AINT FAT!!!! lol whn u read this trev just e-mail me ta say what u want me to stick here lol .</DIV>
<DIV>Person3: </DIV>
<DIV> Person4: </DIV> Jamie mckelvie is a fukin dik

You think ur fat but ur probli not!! ( cough trev cough )